Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I'm Aaron with the long last name! I'm a huge Harry Potter and Legend of Zelda nerd. I have Hermione's wand and an Elder Wand. GET ON MAH LEVEL. A HUGE part of my life is volleyball. I actually used to play for ASU, but after a huge amount of though, I decided that I shouldn't continue on the team. School was growing far too stressful for me to juggle volleyball and my workload.
ANYWAYS. I played the violin for 11 years. Took lessons and everything, but that didn't last. I don't really play at all anymore. I kinda miss it.. :( I traveled all over for orchestra: California multiple times, New York, Austria, etc. Those were all GREAT experiences. I've also been to Turkey, but that was for vacation to visit my family.
I enjoy Asian food. And boba. If you don't know that is, look it up. BEST THING EVER.
I already run a fantastic blog. Tumblr<3 Just ask Brooke, my blog's fantastic. I'm just a bit obsessed. Okay, back to Zelda/Harry Potter! You will never love either of these things more than I do.
I wrote one of my essays on Zelda last semester. True story. Ask Monica:)
Harry Potter is practically my religion, so yeah..
I'm the youngest of  3 children. I have two older sisters: Lisa and Tanya. They're extremely mehhh.
Okay, I'm done rambling about myself.. This better post this time.

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